We believe that the women we reach out to know more about what they need than we do. We promote a culture of continually asking women for feedback, and how we can serve well. We asked a few friends who have worked in the club why they believe in the work of Unconditional. Their responses are below.


M’s Response

“Sex work is complicated. Most of the women I’ve known in my 20 years in the industry are content with their jobs (or, as content as any working class woman can be under capitalist patriarchy). But I’ve also encountered many women who want to move on, but can’t see a way. These women face high barriers and inadequate support. They’re walking away from a lucrative career with a resume they can’t use and skills no one cares about. They face social stigma, and perhaps even shame from being told they should be doing something “better” with themselves. 

Unconditional approaches outreach to these women unlike anyone I’ve ever met doing similar work. They are not yoked to false narratives, misleading statistics, and made-for-CSI stereotypes. They know the real deal. They understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of these women because they take to time to truly befriend them. They listen. They are busy doing the hard work of being a friend — making calls, checking up on Facebook, catching up over coffee, meeting up at the gym. I was very apprehensive of the team when they arrived at my club. My defenses are high when someone walks into my place of business attempting to put me out of work. But they just wanted to be my friend. 

Women coming out of the sex industry don’t need rescued. And they don’t just need rent assistance for food for a month or two, or some diapers for their kids. Like many women stepping away from one role and moving into the next, they need space to dream and discover how best to express themselves in the world. Unconditional is working to provide that.”

T’s Response

“The people of Unconditional made a huge impact on my life. I had been working as a strip dancer for a couple of years, feeling at my lowest point in life. I felt aimless, hopeless, depressed and ashamed for what I did for a living. I felt like I was trapped with no way out, and no one to really understand what I was going through. When I met the Unconditional team in the club, I was immediately impressed by their open minded attitudes and compassion. They would come visit the club every third Thursday. The more I saw them, the more comfortable I felt with them being there, and I knew they were women I could trust. I understood that they were coming with the intention of sharing God's unconditional love. I started spending more time with them outside of the club, going to church and making friendships. Slowly, step by step, it took several months to transition out of the club and to find a better  way to make my livelihood. I regained self respect and dignity. I owe so much to the ladies of Unconditional. They have been a huge influence on my life in a positive way!”