Volunteer coordinator needed

We are in current need of a volunteer coordinator. This is a volunteer position that fluctuates in time commitment each month. The VC should answer inquiries from interested volunteers in a timely fashion, follow up with volunteers throughout the application process, meet in person with interested volunteers, and help coordinate volunteer service projects. Interested applicants should have the following skill sets:

  • Organization and ability to use Asana, google docs, and excel spreadsheets.

  • Discernment

  • Excel in communication

  • Time to follow up with potential volunteers in a timely fashion

  • An understanding and compliance of our mission and values

  • Love Jesus and believe that friendship is a tangible way to show others that love.

  • Friendly, hospitable, and welcoming

  • Ability to have difficult conversations


Events coordinator

We are in current need of an Events Coordinator. The events coordinator will help plan, manage, and implement an estimated five events a year.

  • Spa Day (Winter)

  • Swap for Success Fundraiser (Spring)

  • Vision Night Fundraiser (Late summer)

  • An estimated two baby showers per year

The event coordinator will be provided with an outline of event goals, partners to contact, and an estimated budget. The event coordinator should feel free to bring their own creativity, style, and gifts to the position. Ideally, the events coordinator will also contribute to the planning of the annual volunteer retreat and other volunteer events with the volunteer coordinator. This is an ideal volunteer position for someone with an inconsistent work schedule, as planning events will be on your own schedule!

Club 180 Mentors

We are launching a new program called Club 180. Club 180 is a cohort of 3-4 former sex workers striving towards similar goals. Participants in the program are provided with bi-weekly meetings, a goals coach, financial planner, and mentor. We are currently seeking five mentors to match with women in Club 180. Mentors meet with their mentee at minimum once a month to talk, go through a book or curriculum together, or whatever the focus of the mentee would like.

Mentors should be:

  • 30+ years old woman

  • Love Jesus and live to glorify Him.

  • Able to dedicate 2-4 hours a month

  • Flexible, patient, and compassionate

If you are interested in being a mentor, please mark accordingly on the form below.

Goals Coach

Goals coaches are a part of the Club 180 volunteer team. Goals coaches will be assigned one to two women to help set goals, connect to resources, and assist with resumes and applications. Goals coaches should expect to commit to four to six hours a month for two to six months at a time. We are looking for coaches that are:

  • Compassionate

  • Discerning

  • Aware of available resources in Indianapolis

  • Understand the complex obstacles of transitioning to a new career from sex work

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