Loving unconditionally by encouraging, empowering, and equipping women in the adult entertainment industry


We encourage women in the adult entertainment and sex industries by visiting them in strip clubs in Indianapolis. We bring gifts each month, with our contact card inside. We go to the club because we believe that Jesus would go there too. We begin friendships in the club, and those continue to grow outside the club.

Whether we’re grabbing lunch, coffee, working out together, or going to church, we look for ways to build unconditional friendship that will leave women feeling encouraged, supported, and loved.


We believe that women working in the industry are some of the strongest, most amazing women in our city. However, we know that society can carry stigmas about the industry, making it difficult to connect to resources. We help connect women to resources and opportunities. We also fill in gaps of services that provide women’s basic needs. We believe that all assistance begins with relationship. We are not here to tell women what they need, but to listen and assist.



Since 2012, we have found that one of the biggest obstacles for women who no longer wish to work in the industry, is finding another job. We are not here trying to get women to quit their jobs. But for women who have left the industry or are trying to, finding work can seem impossible due to the stigma of sex workers in our society. If women find work, they often face more financial hardship due to the low pay. Women then don’t have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, or move from a place of surviving to thriving.

We want to change that. In 2019, we will begin our work force development program called Equip 360. Equip 360 is a paid, one year program where women will get career development, job experience, and wraparound support. We are partnering with Trace Fashion, a local social enterprise, to provide real job experience and opportunities.