Dear friends,

Maybe you currently work in the adult entertainment or sex industries. Maybe you did a long time ago. Maybe everyone knows where you work. Maybe no one does. Maybe you met us at your club. Maybe you just stumbled upon this.

However you ended up here, we’re glad you’re here. We think you are incredible. If you work at a club we visit, thanks for letting us disrupt your work day. Thanks for always being gracious and kind.

So why do we visit you? Why do we hang out at strip clubs? Well, we know that historically, Christians haven’t been very kind to women working in the industry. And we’re so sorry. We’re sorry for anything cruel someone has said to you under the guise of religion. We come to you humbly to let you know we believe Jesus loves strippers. Just as Jesus loves the CEO, the social worker, the pastor, the drug dealer, the homeless, the rich, the nurse, the doctor, artist. We believe that Jesus sees us as individuals, not as an occupation. Not as our past. We believe that Jesus meets us wherever we are. And when we meet him, everything changes.

We would love to be your friend. If you need any connections to resources, we’d love to help you with that too.

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