Dear friends,

So, you work in the adult entertainment or sex industry. Maybe you used to a long time ago. We don’t know what led you to this job. We recognize that every story is unique, and you are not a number or statistic.

We may not know you, but we do know how churches have typically treated women working in the sex industry. And we’re sorry. We’re sorry for anyone who has ever treated you as less than because of your occupation, and tried to use Jesus as a reason for doing so. We are here to say: we see you, we love you, and we’re sorry for anything other Christians have done to you. The truth is, we believe Jesus loves strippers…just as Jesus loves pastors, baristas, porn stars, CEOs, social workers, nurses, doctors, writers, drug dealers, murderers, and everyone in between.

So, why are we here in your place of work? Why are we showing up at your club every month?

Well, we don’t think it’s enough to say Jesus loves you from some blog on the internet. We want to show up where you are, give you a gift, and be your friend. We also know that working in the industry can be incredibly complicated. Few people understand it’s realities…the good, the bad, the in between. We offer support groups led by other women who have walked in your shoes to process and share. We offer friendship and community.

We also know that society has some pretty big stigmas on women working in the industry. Sometimes when women want to leave the industry, it can feel nearly impossible to get a different job or get resources due to the prejudices people have. If you are on that journey, we are here to help you navigate that journey, and help give you as many connections as possible.

We love you. We think you’re amazing. We think you’re strong, capable, and full of unique skills, talents, and strengths. Let us know if you want to be our friend, or need some connections to resources!