“What could you possibly have in common?”

This is question people will awkwardly blurt out when I tell them about Unconditional. And I get it. I grew up a preacher’s kid in a rural town of 2,000 people. I was raised in a loving middle class two parent home. I graduated high school and went on to a Christian college. When I graduated, I interned at a church. I had minimal struggle in childhood and adolescence. Most of the people in my life looked and acted and believed similar to me.

What could I possibly have in common with a stripper?

How could we be friends?

How could I not be hung up on their occupation?

How could they not be hung up on mine?!

How could they want to be friends with someone as awkward as me who loves making dad jokes?

This question, however, always makes me laugh a little. Because if only you knew. If only you knew just how incredibly much we all have in common with each other. If only you could see the tears from laughter I’ve had with friends I met in the club. If you could see the times my friends have spoken truth over me, encouraged me, brought me coffee at work. The times we’ve cried together, ate lunch together, worked out together, celebrated together. If only you could see us sitting at my dining room table with my friends from other background as well, all breaking bread together. If only you could see when we first met at the club, and how much our friendship and grown and changed and developed.

Because if you could see all that, you could see how ridiculous that question is.

What we have in common is our humanity.

We all feel. We all struggle. We all want good for our kids and families. We all want to pursue our dreams. We all might feel a little lost on how to get there. We all have gifts and weaknesses. We are all loved by God.

My desire is for people to see my friends in their humanity. To not be blinded by the occupation and assumptions, but to have eyes opened to the individual.

This summer, we want to help people do just that through the #inhershoescampaign.

This campaign is to educate the general public on the adult entertainment and sex industries. To humanize the women we have met.

For people to see themselves in these stories.

To see themselves #inhershoes.

And through seeing yourself in her, that you would be compelled to act.

Our goal is to raise our monthly donations by $5,000 by the end of August, and to raise $30,000 at our Vision Night (announcement coming soon!). This funding all goes towards starting Equip 360, our work force development program that will help women reach financial stability, mental wellness, healthy relationships, and spirituality. We have women that want to sign up for this program as soon as it starts. We are all just waiting for provisions to start.

Sign up today to be a monthly partner of $35, $50, or $100, and see yourself in her shoes.

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